Its Monday!

Hey all! Kaely here, I am back and early this Monday morning. This week is a big week as there are OR cases scheduled every day. It seems so crazy that I chose surgery. Many people just do not understand how much schooling there is to get where I am today. Sometimes its best they didn’t know ūüėČ anyway, this week I’ll be in the OR doing a little bit of vascular surgery, a little bit of cardiac surgery and the typical general surgery stuff. Did I mention that I enjoy heart and vascular surgery? Seeing the heart up close is probably one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. The physiology behind how the heart functions is incredible. We really are the best made machines on earth and our bodies have an amazing way of compensating for any problems that may arise. But anyway I would like to talk a little more about the heart however I must be getting ready for work. I’ll be back!


Lazy Sundays. Yeah. Right.

I am back for my Sunday installment of blogging. As the title suggests, sundays are meant to be lazy… However in this day and age that is simply not the case. Instead of using the weekends to recharge – especially in careers like mine, I am faced with doing the excess work that piles up throughout the week because i NEVER get home on time. so, instead of Sunday looking like …


It looks like


Sorry but its true. So much cleaning, laundry and upkeep to a house. We actually did a lot of demolition this weekend. On the side of our house, there is a retaining wall that is not so retaining anymore. It is built with cinderblocks and has a walkway on top of it. Due to the settling of the ground over the winter, the wall started to lean a bit forward. Now it is totally unstable and the walk way cannot be walked on. Not only is it not functional, it is an eye sore. We had to bust up the entire walkway and cinder blocks this weekend. Luckily we get a nice deal from dumpster rental scranton¬†for a nice roll of. It will come in handy although I will likely go over the weight. The wall was one thing. We are also working on building a bed and also building a dining room table… both of which we may just have built for us. Our pups keep us running around as well as our parents- had to move my mom into a new place this weekend… another fun truck rental and moving of couches, treadmills and lamps, Oy! Aside from all this stuff I still needed to set time aside to hit the grocery store for some last minute lunch stuff for the week, considering I barely have time to run to the cafeteria for lunches, not to mention zero time for breakfast. O well, I chose this career. No one else. I do love surgery. but I do love being lazy. I guess all this hard work will pay off in the end. We shall see what comes of all this.



The OR

Happy Friday everybody Kaely here and I’m back for my next post. Finally got a second to write to you, it’s been very busy especially the operating room. We have a bunch of cases today. Specifically a gentleman with an aneurysm of his popliteal artery. Aneurysms are quite dangerous as they can rupture and you can bleed internally. Well this is a case for abdominal, popliteal artery aneurysms are more likely to thrombose then to rupture. It is unclear why however this is the pathobiology of popliteal aneurysms. This gentleman is 75 years old, he has a prior amputation of his left leg above the knee so he doesn’t get around much. I’m very excited as this is one of my first popliteal aneurysm repairs. There will be another doctor in with me assisting the primarily this is my case. His postop course hopefully will be OK, he should go home¬†in two days¬†or so. There’s so much to know that Madison. Surgeons not only have to develop their skills in the operating room, they also have to develop post operative management of patients especially critically ill patients. This could be very difficult especially in my age group. We operate primarily on anybody from 60 to 80 years old and they likely have multiple other Comorbid conditions. That is why we have to get cardiac evaluation on all of our patients. This case will likely take approximately three hours, the patient will not have to be in the intensive care unit. This will be a fun way to end my week and I look forward to having a great weekend. We have a roofer coming to our house and we need to be there when he gives us his estimate. Our dormers are leaking and we need to reflash them this roofer is highly recommended his name is Bob and he is from we also have a lot of spring cleaning to do and will be likely renting another dumpster for all the carpet we ripped up in the basement. This is a great change from our typical stressful medical Livestream the week and it is a stress reliever to clean up the house.

This is Kaely coming back to you after a successful right popliteal aneurysm repair.
The surgery was a success. He did have a big leg but we were able to find his aneurysm and his popliteal artery and repair it. This is a very interesting case considering I have never been a part of a surgery like this. One of the most interesting things about it was that we did the operation with the patient on his belly. This was the first time I ever experienced a patient in the prone position. It definitely took a little while to get eventually I felt comfortable. The surgery started by making a lazy S incision down the back of the leg right behind the knee. We harvested the lesser saphenous vein for conduit. Just took approximately an hour and we placed it in the van solution while we performed the rest of the incision and exposure. All of the main branches were divided and tied. We eventually go to the aneurysmal sack of the popliteal artery, we gained control of the artery distally and proximately. Heparin was given and the artery was clamped. Arteriotomy was performed and we scooped out any exes plaque within the popliteal artery sac. Perforator branches in the arterial sac were located. The pain was then connected to the popliteal artery proximal side first and then distantly. Anastomoses work patent at the end of the case and the leg was closed. It was quite difficult to close it like considering how tight the skin have become however we were able to approximate the tissues and close with Staples. The patient woke up fine in the OR and was transferred to the recovery area. Blood loss was minimal. This is a normal day for me check back with me later for more fun operating room cases.


Family Ties

So before I start this ridiculously cool blog about my adult life and career, I want to first talk family. As I said in my first blog, I grew up close to a farm. My mom was a full time school teacher and my dad was an architect. They provided my brother and I a great childhood. My brother and I are 4 years apart. He absolutely loves adventures and working on auto projects in his spare time. He has many unfinished cars strewn about our property which eventually will get done, I’m sure of it. He is a very talented guy. Aside from his auto skills, he is close to getting his pilot’s license which will be great because he could fly me around once he passes his test. Aside from working around the house, he works for a business called tree service scranton. This service is our areas best tree removal service and its mostly thanks to him and his amazing climbing abilities. As if traveling, auto, planes and tree removal isn’t enough, he also is an accomplished photographer, and blogger. I could only hope to be as good as he is one day. My mom and dad have since split up which is kind of hard on us, but we are old enough to know that you can’t stay together if your hearts are not in it anymore. You absolutely need to be happy in every way and you’d be cheating yourself if you thought otherwise. Mom and dad still talk but he is renting his own place in town while our homestead is on the market. Stay updated for any news there!

Alright. Talk to you soon


Winds blew me to Cali

The Northeastern wind blew me to the west coast as I lived in beautiful California during my medical training. My name is Kaely and I am a doc in general surgery. I am making this blog to relieve my stress as an MD and also to speak of my past couple of years as a grown woman. As I said, I grew up in the upper northeast, where it was typical to see more cattle than people in most towns. I grew up next to a farm and interacted with many of the animals daily. My parents raised me well and I was lucky enough to get a full scholarship to U.C. Davis where I worked on my medical degree. While those years were quite fun, I did not exactly like the hustle and bustle of California. I was homesick and honestly the cost of living in “Cali” was ridiculous. That is why, after graduation and residency, I decided to come home. I got a job working at a nice local hospital which you have the privilege of hearing all about! I did rent for a while, but why rent when you could own a place for yourself at almost the same cost? So thats what I did. I left the central city and moved to a close suburb about 25 minutes away from work. Luckily, I need to stay within 30 minutes to take call for my job – We found a nice home within that area. We have two dogs, both of which are bundles of energy and bark incessantly at the slightest pin drop. needless to say, when walkers come by, they have a tendency of getting out of hand… but i digress. This is just a small welcoming post. I will be telling you tales of my job, the hardships and the accomplishments. I recently became engaged- so we are busy planning for “the big day”. Can’t wait. If theres one thing I’ve learned, its the false belief that you should wait for life to happen to you, this is simply not the case. You need to make it happen. Once I learned that, I’ve accomplished many things such as graduating, buying a house, keeping a steady relationship and job, raising a family (of pups) and being an a well rounded nice person. (Toot toot, there goes my own horn). Alright. Lets stop there. I will talk with you guys soon!


Welcome to my site

Welcome to my new site,¬†! My name is Kaely and I am so happy you’ve stumbled across my writing. This will be primarily a journal of my day to day events, things i find interesting, etc. So check back later and take a glimpse into my world.