Winds blew me to Cali

The Northeastern wind blew me to the west coast as I lived in beautiful California during my medical training. My name is Kaely and I am a doc in general surgery. I am making this blog to relieve my stress as an MD and also to speak of my past couple of years as a grown woman. As I said, I grew up in the upper northeast, where it was typical to see more cattle than people in most towns. I grew up next to a farm and interacted with many of the animals daily. My parents raised me well and I was lucky enough to get a full scholarship to U.C. Davis where I worked on my medical degree. While those years were quite fun, I did not exactly like the hustle and bustle of California. I was homesick and honestly the cost of living in “Cali” was ridiculous. That is why, after graduation and residency, I decided to come home. I got a job working at a nice local hospital which you have the privilege of hearing all about! I did rent for a while, but why rent when you could own a place for yourself at almost the same cost? So thats what I did. I left the central city and moved to a close suburb about 25 minutes away from work. Luckily, I need to stay within 30 minutes to take call for my job – We found a nice home within that area. We have two dogs, both of which are bundles of energy and bark incessantly at the slightest pin drop. needless to say, when walkers come by, they have a tendency of getting out of hand… but i digress. This is just a small welcoming post. I will be telling you tales of my job, the hardships and the accomplishments. I recently became engaged- so we are busy planning for “the big day”. Can’t wait. If theres one thing I’ve learned, its the false belief that you should wait for life to happen to you, this is simply not the case. You need to make it happen. Once I learned that, I’ve accomplished many things such as graduating, buying a house, keeping a steady relationship and job, raising a family (of pups) and being an a well rounded nice person. (Toot toot, there goes my own horn). Alright. Lets stop there. I will talk with you guys soon!