The OR

Happy Friday everybody Kaely here and I’m back for my next post. Finally got a second to write to you, it’s been very busy especially the operating room. We have a bunch of cases today. Specifically a gentleman with an aneurysm of his popliteal artery. Aneurysms are quite dangerous as they can rupture and you can bleed internally. Well this is a case for abdominal, popliteal artery aneurysms are more likely to thrombose then to rupture. It is unclear why however this is the pathobiology of popliteal aneurysms. This gentleman is 75 years old, he has a prior amputation of his left leg above the knee so he doesn’t get around much. I’m very excited as this is one of my first popliteal aneurysm repairs. There will be another doctor in with me assisting the primarily this is my case. His postop course hopefully will be OK, he should go home in two days or so. There’s so much to know that Madison. Surgeons not only have to develop their skills in the operating room, they also have to develop post operative management of patients especially critically ill patients. This could be very difficult especially in my age group. We operate primarily on anybody from 60 to 80 years old and they likely have multiple other Comorbid conditions. That is why we have to get cardiac evaluation on all of our patients. This case will likely take approximately three hours, the patient will not have to be in the intensive care unit. This will be a fun way to end my week and I look forward to having a great weekend. We have a roofer coming to our house and we need to be there when he gives us his estimate. Our dormers are leaking and we need to reflash them this roofer is highly recommended his name is Bob and he is from we also have a lot of spring cleaning to do and will be likely renting another dumpster for all the carpet we ripped up in the basement. This is a great change from our typical stressful medical Livestream the week and it is a stress reliever to clean up the house.

This is Kaely coming back to you after a successful right popliteal aneurysm repair.
The surgery was a success. He did have a big leg but we were able to find his aneurysm and his popliteal artery and repair it. This is a very interesting case considering I have never been a part of a surgery like this. One of the most interesting things about it was that we did the operation with the patient on his belly. This was the first time I ever experienced a patient in the prone position. It definitely took a little while to get eventually I felt comfortable. The surgery started by making a lazy S incision down the back of the leg right behind the knee. We harvested the lesser saphenous vein for conduit. Just took approximately an hour and we placed it in the van solution while we performed the rest of the incision and exposure. All of the main branches were divided and tied. We eventually go to the aneurysmal sack of the popliteal artery, we gained control of the artery distally and proximately. Heparin was given and the artery was clamped. Arteriotomy was performed and we scooped out any exes plaque within the popliteal artery sac. Perforator branches in the arterial sac were located. The pain was then connected to the popliteal artery proximal side first and then distantly. Anastomoses work patent at the end of the case and the leg was closed. It was quite difficult to close it like considering how tight the skin have become however we were able to approximate the tissues and close with Staples. The patient woke up fine in the OR and was transferred to the recovery area. Blood loss was minimal. This is a normal day for me check back with me later for more fun operating room cases.