Lazy Sundays. Yeah. Right.

I am back for my Sunday installment of blogging. As the title suggests, sundays are meant to be lazy… However in this day and age that is simply not the case. Instead of using the weekends to recharge – especially in careers like mine, I am faced with doing the excess work that piles up throughout the week because i NEVER get home on time. so, instead of Sunday looking like …


It looks like


Sorry but its true. So much cleaning, laundry and upkeep to a house. We actually did a lot of demolition this weekend. On the side of our house, there is a retaining wall that is not so retaining anymore. It is built with cinderblocks and has a walkway on top of it. Due to the settling of the ground over the winter, the wall started to lean a bit forward. Now it is totally unstable and the walk way cannot be walked on. Not only is it not functional, it is an eye sore. We had to bust up the entire walkway and cinder blocks this weekend. Luckily we get a nice deal from dumpster rental scranton for a nice roll of. It will come in handy although I will likely go over the weight. The wall was one thing. We are also working on building a bed and also building a dining room table… both of which we may just have built for us. Our pups keep us running around as well as our parents- had to move my mom into a new place this weekend… another fun truck rental and moving of couches, treadmills and lamps, Oy! Aside from all this stuff I still needed to set time aside to hit the grocery store for some last minute lunch stuff for the week, considering I barely have time to run to the cafeteria for lunches, not to mention zero time for breakfast. O well, I chose this career. No one else. I do love surgery. but I do love being lazy. I guess all this hard work will pay off in the end. We shall see what comes of all this.